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Things we do nowadays 😁 #vscocam

Behind the scenes of @megserr photoshoot πŸ˜„ #vscocam

Namiss niyo na ba ang jumper days niyo? πŸ˜‚ #vscocam #tb

Hang on there little one. #vscocam


how unbearably tragicΒ thatΒ 
must be for the sun and
the moon β€” to know that you
both live for an eternity under
the same sky, and yet the only
time you could ever fully see
each other is when you are
just about to wave


I will be donating my blood in a short while for my cousin’s fast recovery. I’m a bit scared but i’ll do it for him to get his platelet back. :) #vscocam





(via langleav)

Christmas is near! πŸ˜„ #vscocam

Family day here at STEFTI is ❀️

Sunrise πŸŒ„ #vscocam